C-pass Model Gets Columbus City Students Back in Classroom

With Columbus City Schools students returning to the classroom, the school district linked up with COTA to provide supplemental transportation services for all students in grades eight through twelve based on the Downtown C-pass program.

The Columbus City School program is using the same C-pass technology and systems developed by Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, and COTA. In addition, CCSID has advised on program set-up, provided training to the administrators who will run it, and is offer troubleshooting assistance as the program launches.

Students will use the pass primarily on the COTA Connector mobile app, though magnetic stripe cards will be available for those who do not have compatible smartphones.

The Columbus Board of Education is using CARES Act funds to purchase transit access for students. There will be no cost for students who participate. The passes do not replace the district’s yellow bus services for students who qualify for transportation.

“We believe that this new partnership with COTA will be a great benefit for our students and their families,” said CCS Superintendent/CEO Dr. Talisa Dixon. “This partnership provides so many more opportunities for our students.”

“We’re very proud of the partnership we built with COTA and MORPC through the C-pass program, and we’re excited to see CCS use it for the students,” said Kacey Brankamp, Downtown C-pass Program Director.

The CCS C-pass will be active through August 25, 2021. As with Downtown C-pass, there is no restriction on its use. In addition to using the pass for transportation to school, students can use it for extracurricular activities, internships, and other enrichment experiences, or any other purpose, on any bus, at any time.