Caring Connections: Tyrone’s Story

Caring Connections

The SIDs' outreach team provided more than 3,600 hours of homeless outreach last year. These Caring Connections helped 84 clients find housing, and another 43 people find emergency shelter.

Thanks to the work of our outreach team, many clients experience life-altering change. Tyrone knows this first hand.

After his mom kicked him out of the house, Tyrone couldn't find an apartment on his own because of previous evictions. Physical and mental health issues, developmental challenges and substance use made it even more difficult to find permanent housing. As a result, Tyrone lived on downtown's streets for the past three years. 

While Tyrone experienced homelessness, his boyfriend assaulted him, and Tyrone feared the abuse would continue without a safe place to live. Fortunately, Ryan Jefferson, one of two full-time outreach specialists employed by the SIDs, met Tyrone outside of The Open Shelter at 61 E. Mound Street in August 2018.   

Ryan discovered Tyrone didn't have the necessary documents to secure housing—things like a driver’s license/identification card, birth certificate or social security card. He helped Tyrone get these documents and then helped Tyrone find someone to manage his money so Tyrone could pay rent in a timely manner. Ryan also provided transportation and bus passes to get Tyrone to and from housing appointments at Equitas Health and Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority.

In March, Tyrone moved into a two-bedroom, subsidized apartment. Ryan says Tyrone is extremely happy to have his own place to call home. On multiple occasions, Tyrone has reached out to thank everyone in the SIDs.

SID Outreach Specialists Provide Caring Connections

  • Help secure permanent housing
  • Provide COTA passes to people in need
  • Connect people in need with much-needed social services
  • And so much more...

If you see someone experiencing homelessness, please call or text the SID hotline at (614) 228-5718. Our outreach team is here to help.