Downtown C-pass Program Receives International Award

Downtown C-pass was recognized by the International Downtown Association (IDA) at its Annual Conference on October 6. 

Based in Washington D.C., IDA is the premier association for urban place professionals who are shaping and activating dynamic city center districts. The Downtown C-pass program was awarded the IDA Pinnacle Award for Economic Development. This award is the industry’s highest recognition and represents the most creative and inspiring innovations in urban place management.

Launched June 1, 2018, by property owners in the Capital Crossroads SID, Downtown C-pass is a collaboration between Capital Crossroads SID, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) to boost office leasing and reduce employee turnover. It provides employees and some residents free, unlimited access to COTA’s transit service, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to improve access to downtown without expanding parking. 

The numbers for the program make it easy to see why jurors with IDA selected Downtown C-pass for the prestigious award. There are currently over 440 companies with more than 15,000 eligible employees and residents enrolled, all contributing to cleaner air, less traffic congestion, and a more inviting downtown environment.

Other program highlights:

  • Ridership more than doubled in the first year among the eligible pool of employees. In less than one year, 17 companies reported C-pass impacted their decision to sign or renew a lease in a C-pass eligible building
  • 34% of employers who responded to a survey reported that the program not only helps with recruitment but has also helped with retention of employees.
  • 350,000 gallons of fuel are saved each year from users switching from driving to taking transit, preventing 6.8 million pounds of CO2 harmful emissions.

Capital Crossroads SID, COTA, and MORPC are working towards renewing the program in 2021 as the current program expires at the end of this year. To learn more about the program,  contact Downtown C-Pass staff at (614) 591-4184 or email