Outreach Team Success

Bill, an outreach specialist with the SIDs, talks to a client.


In the first four months of 2023, the SID's outreach team has helped 132 unhoused individuals get off the street. 

This story focuses on one of those successes.

The SID ambassador team encountered Joe sleeping in front of Rhodes State Office Tower on Broad Street. Bill, one of the SID’s outreach specialists, caught up with Joe and engaged him in November of 2022. Joe, who uses a wheelchair, had been living with his son who died. This left Joe homeless in the streets.

After coming to the SID’s office to meet with Bill and apply for Public Supported Housing, his application was submitted to the Community Shelter Board. He was quickly referred to a wheelchair accessible, disability supported apartment. Bill also assisted Joe get into shelter until his apartment was ready.

Bill soon got an appointment for Joe to look at an apartment and meet with the property manager. The meeting went very well, the apartment complex approved him, and his file was sent to the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA).

Bill then applied for direct client assistance to cover Joe’s first month’s rent and deposit. Next, we waited for CMHA to inspect the apartment. After the apartment passed inspection, Joe moved from shelter into his new apartment in the middle of April.

Joe called us shortly after his move-in to express his appreciation, and his joy at being in his new place; lots of space, good furniture, vaulted ceilings, and a center kitchen island. We wish Joe all the best, and he has been encouraged to come into the office and have a cup of coffee, or just say "hi."

If you see someone who needs assistance, contact the SID hotline at (614) 228-5718