SID Outreach Success Story: Tiffany

Congratulations to Tiffany (pictured on left) for receiving housing thanks to the tireless efforts of our SID Outreach Specialists, Ryan and Jessica!

Tiffany has experienced homelessness off and on for over 15 years. Suffering from addiction and mental health crises, as well as domestic violence, Tiffany has encountered countless hardships throughout her life. 

Tiffany first met the SID Outreach team in 2016. Since then, our team has been working to get Tiffany stable and off the streets. While the journey has been filled with ups and downs, our SID outreach specialists never gave up--they saw Tiffany's potential and encouraged her each and every step of the way. 

Helping Tiffany fill out a United Supportive Housing System (USHS) application, the outreach team was integral in her recent approval. Just last week, Tiffany moved in to her new apartment, where the next chapter of her life can finally begin.

Tiffany has two young daughters that her mother has custody of. She is most excited to be able to have her children at her new apartment for overnight visits! With the help of the ambassador and outreach teams, she is confident she is in a place she can call home for years to come and finally be comfortable and safe. 

The outreach team has successfully moved 235 people off the street since January 1. If you know of someone who is experiencing homelessness downtown, contact the SID Hotline at (614) 228-5718.