SIDs Release their 2022 Annual Reports

The Capital Crossroads SID and the Discovery SID have released their 2022 Annual Reports.

Here are combined statistics for the two SIDs' reports:

  • Safety ambassadors provided:
    • 19,908 miles of bike patrols
    • 29,386 safety hours
    • 1,954 public relations events

In addition, the ambassadors helped resolve 1,078 quality of life issues which includes trespassing, suspicious persons, aggressive panhandling, mental disturbances, fights, narcotic complaints, and open containers.)

  • Special Duty Officers provided 8,577 hours of patrols
  • Outreach specialists successfully housed 317 individuals experiencing homelessness.
    • Includes linking to emergency shelter, connecting to permanent housing, and connecting to housing with family or friends.

Click here to read the 2022 Capital Crossroads SID Annual Report

Click here to read the 2022 Discovery SID Annual Report