Business Memberships Offer Additional Support to the SID

Capital Crossroads Business Members offer additional support to the SID’s efforts to promote a clean and safe downtown core. These companies partner with CCSID to improve downtown and enjoy recognition in the community for their support.

“I support the SID’s work and caretaking because it promotes the vitality of Downtown, not just for the businesses, organizations, and residents that are located there, but all who travel through it,” said Otto Beatty, managing director of Intelligent Office, a Business Member. “I truly believe it’s everyone’s neighborhood.”

Business Membership is available at four levels, each with its own benefits.  The Leader level ($2,000), the Steward level ($1,000), the Patron level ($500) receive access to member-only events, and the Advocate membership ($250).

"Contributions from Business Members help us with our mission to keep downtown Columbus clean, safe and vibrant,” said Acting Executive Director Marc Conte. “These businesses are great partners and understand the value of the services provided by our ambassador and outreach teams.

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