Cares Funding

Author: Michelle Chippas

This week, the Capital Crossroads and Discovery SID’s is disbursing $10,000 grants to 96 small businesses located in downtown.

The funding came from legislation passed by Columbus City Council authorizing the SIDs and Short North Alliance to manage and distribute $2 million in CARES Grant funding to support small businesses in Downtown and the Short North Arts Districts. Each district was awarded $1 million to distribute

“Small businesses, have without a doubt, suffered greatly through this Pandemic. Some businesses have shuttered permanently, and others are doing their best to keep their doors open. We are pleased to provide these grants to help keep these businesses going,” said Michael Stevens, director, Department of Development, City of Columbus.

“We are gratified to provide these grants to consumer-facing brick and mortar businesses such as retail, restaurants, and personal services businesses impacted by COVID-19,” said Marc Conte, acting executive director of the SIDs. “It’s critical that we help keep these businesses operational until we see tenants and visitors return to downtown in 2021.”