Light Ohio Blue Campaign Begins May 8th

Every day, our partners in blue answer the call for service, putting their own safety at risk for the betterment of communities across Ohio. Each May, the LightOhioBlue statewide campaign honors law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty and their families. This year’s campaign will run from May 8-18.

Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs encourage downtown commercial property and business owners to show their support by changing their business exterior lights to blue in honor of fallen officers and law enforcement personnel. 

There are many ways that properties can light up blue. You can use blue light bulbs or blue flood lights, put blue film on lights or windows, or place blue ribbons on mailboxes, nearby posts or columns. 

Participating businesses can be added to LightOhioBlue’s growing list of commercial supporters. Simply email and an LOB staff member will contact you to get your company information and logo added to the list. 

On May 8th, the Light Ohio Blue Cruiser Caravan will travel through Central Ohio, including Downtown. 

We encourage you to share your support of the campaign by posting a photo to your company’s social media page, using #LightOhioBlue2024.