Reauthorization 2020

At its September 14, the meeting, Columbus City Council adopted its final ordinance that allows the Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts to proceed with their assessments and continue providing services to property owners through 2025.

The final step in the reauthorization process for Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts (SIDs), will be a vote by each SID to amend their Articles of Incorporation at the virtual joint annual meeting scheduled for November 19.

The SIDs provide additional services on top of the city services for each district as requested by the property owners:

· Capital Crossroads provides supplemental safety, environmental maintenance, and homeless outreach. Property owners in Capital Crossroads will also continue their support of the Downtown C-Pass program as a way for people who live and work downtown to get around.

· Discovery District offers supplemental safety and homeless outreach.

As part of the reauthorization process, property owners in each district agreed to an increase in the assessment so that the same level of service can be provided.

“It’s exciting that property owners in both districts continue to see the value in a SID as a way to pool their efforts for the betterment of downtown,” said Marc Conte, Acting Executive Director.