SID Ambassadors receive self-defense skills


This past month, SID ambassadors received self-defense and safety training. Mark Proud, founder and president of Blueline Training Solutions LLC, demonstrated hands-on tactical skills to our ambassadors. As a former police officer, Mark has foundational knowledge on de-escalation tactics, situational awareness, and self-defense tactics.

"For me, I think situational awareness is so vital in staying safe, whether you're downtown at night after dinner, or walking your dog in your neighborhood," Mark said. "It's also really important to know your limits physically, which is why these types of trainings are so important. Making decisions in stressful situations is really tough, and we want folks to have some experience in how to react." 

During the training, ambassadors practiced simple techniques for self-defense. The majority of these techniques rely on redirecting your attacker's movement or momentum to your advantage. Ambassadors practiced sparring, teaming up and using Mark's techniques in a variety of circumstances: on the ground, face to face, and even from behind. 

Mark started Blueline Training Solutions LLC in 2011, providing firearms and self-defense instruction for private security teams. He has been working with SID since 2014, providing eight hours of self-defense instruction for new ambassadors, as well yearly refresher courses.