SIDs' Annual Meeting and Awards

Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts held their annual meeting November 20 at the Columbus Athenaeum. This year, the theme was "Understanding Affordable Housing." Michael Wilkos of United Way of Central Ohio and Roberta Garber of the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio were the guest speakers.

Wilkos said that poverty has grown in central Ohio by 32% since 2000. As a result, over 300,000 people live below 200% of the federal poverty level in Franklin County. Also, wage suppression and growing income inequality add to the problem of affordable housing. Both Wilkos and Garber said that building dense and affordable housing near job centers is key. 

Finally, Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs also gave awards to this year's downtown champions: 

  • Ambassador of the year: 
    • Capital Crossroads – Sarah Bidwell
    • Discovery– Larry Blackburn
  • Aesthetic Contribution:                     
    • Capital Crossroads– National Veterans Memorial and Museum
    • Discovery – Washington Gladden Social Justice Park
  • Outstanding Service:              
    • Capital Crossroads – Steve Schoeny
    • Discovery – Faith Mission
  • Outstanding Achievement:    
    • Capital Crossroads – The Nicholas
    • Discovery – Cameron Mitchell Hall
  • Unsung Hero:
    • Capital Crossroads– Anne and Walker Evans
    • Discovery – Randy Walker