Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement District property owners invest in Downtown to make it a clean, safe and fun place to live, work and play. We’re here to help. Read more about our work.

Artisan Pop Up Grocery Store

Artisan Pop Up Grocery Store Debuts in Retail Space

Fresh baked Seaworth Breads, savory sweets from Built Pastries, freshly ground Backroom Roaster's coffee, and refreshing Charlotte & Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams…

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Downtown Businesses Are Open

Below is a list of downtown businesses that are open to serve you, whether you live here or are working downtown or working from home…

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Outreach Team Finds Home for Missing Man

By Bill Cobun, Outreach Specialist, Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs

We were notified about an individual sleeping at the bus stop at 3rd and Broad  that needed help…

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