Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement District property owners invest in Downtown to make it a clean, safe and fun place to live, work and play. We’re here to help. Read more about our work.

Three Public Restrooms Installed Downtown

Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (SID), in partnership with the City of Columbus (City), installed three permanent public restrooms in downtown on September 20…

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SID Outreach Success Story: Tiffany

Congratulations to Tiffany (pictured on left) for receiving housing thanks to the tireless efforts of our SID Outreach Specialists, Ryan and Jessica!

Tiffany has experienced homelessness off and on for over 15 years…

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2023 SIDs Annual Meeting & Downtown Awards

Join the Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts for its 2023 Annual Meeting & Downtown Awards, Beyond the Workplace: Downtown's Diverse Destinations…

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