Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement District property owners invest in Downtown to make it a clean, safe and fun place to live, work and play. We’re here to help. Read more about our work.

Homeless Outreach Success Story: Randy B.

The Capital Crossroads and Discovery SID Homeless Outreach team works with individuals experiencing homelessness to find them housing…

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Ambassadors in Action: Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung. And, while Capital Crossroads and Discovery SID Ambassadors work year-round to keep the downtown environment in tip-top shape, they are using the sunny skies and warmer temperature to do some serious sprucing up.

The Ambassador teams are hard at work scrubbing away the winter grime and preparing Downtown for the influx of people who will be returning after a year of COVID shutdowns…

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Permanent Public Restrooms Slated for Downtown

The downtown community has learned many lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. When businesses closed in COVID’s wake, access to public restrooms vanished as well.

Last spring, Capital Crossroads and Discovery special improvement districts recognized this problem and used an emergency grant from United Way of Central Ohio, as well as funding from the City of Columbus, ADAMH, and Encova, to place eight temporary sinks and twelve portable restrooms Downtown to help alleviate the problem, at least temporarily. 

Now, City Council has approved $875,000 in federal Community Development Block grant funds for the design and construction of five permanent public restrooms Downtown…

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