SID Outreach Helps Dayton Man Return Home

Bill Cobun and Ryan Jefferson, the SIDs’ homeless outreach team, continue to work with the homeless population downtown to help them improve their situation and get them off the streets. Periodically, we like to share one of their success stories, to help you better understand the important work they do.

Recently, Bill worked with a homeless man named Jon. Jon was released from prison following a minor drug sentence and was dropped at the downtown Greyhound station by the parole system. Like many other parolees, Jon did not have funds to catch a bus home, nor did he have someone who could come pick him up. So, he began to live on the streets.

A Capital Crossroads SID ambassador team found Jon and referred him to the outreach team. Bill did a background check to verify he had no outstanding warrants, and then reached out to his family in Dayton to ensure he would have a place to live, which they confirmed. The team wants to be sure they are not sending someone to become homeless in another city.

After confirming Jon’s family would help him in Dayton, Bill bought him a one-way, non-refundable ticket to Dayton. He also made sure Jon was able to eat at the food line at 5th and Rich, as he had not eaten since his release from prison. Bill then escorted him to the Greyhound station, elbow bumped due to Covid-19, and said goodbye. The next day, Bill called Jon’s family in Dayton to confirm his safe arrival. Jon expressed his gratitude, and Bill wished him well.

Each year, Bill and Ryan help about 100 people off the street. If you see someone that needs homeless outreach, call or text our hotline (614) 228-5718.

Click here to find out more about our homeless outreach program.