Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement District property owners invest in Downtown to make it a clean, safe and fun place to live, work and play. We’re here to help. Read more about our work.

Downtown Matters: Capitol Square Updates

Capitol Square is one of the most beautiful and dramatic urban spaces in central Ohio.  Over the years, property owners have expressed a desire to see Capital Crossroads SID place more landscaping around the Square in an effort to tie it together and make it more elegant.

As part of its public realm improvements plan, approved by the SID board in May 2009, Capital Crossroads will partner with the City of Columbus in 2012 to fabricate and install custom-designed planters…

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Downtown Matters: Getting Ready for Summer in the City

With summer around the corner, the time has come for Capital Crossroads to get things ship shape. CCSID contracted with Oakland Nursery this year for the planting of the Gay Street median and High Street pole-mounted flower baskets…

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Downtown Matters: Developing News

Last year, downtown saw a number of big changes to the landscape, particularly the openings of Columbus Commons and the new Scioto Mile…

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